Projects that I have done individually/worked on as a group:

Advice: give it|get it|flip it|f**k it
Spring 2009

The “advice” exhibit, done for Nina Simon’s social technologies course at the University of Washington. 14 Museology students (including myself) worked on this exhibit. We had 6 weeks to design and prepare an exhibition that would get strangers to interact with each other, using a number of high-tech, low-tech, and no-tech social media devices.

My contributions to this project were helping to draft the big idea and the tagline, maintaining the wiki that we used as a collaborative workspace, creating the first draft of the signage,  posting event listings, and assisting with the exhibit evaluation.

East by Northwest Social Media Plan
Spring 2009

I designed this social media plan for the Northwest African American Museum’s East by Northwest Exhibit. The issue that concerned the NAAM was that this exhibit that looked at Eastern African immigration largely focused on immigrants from Ethiopia, and while they were comfortable with that focus, they worried immigrants from other East African countries or even those immigrants from Ethiopia who do not identify as Ethiopian would feel excluded from that exhibit.

The focus of my project then, was to come up with a way, both within the exhibit and online, that would  address this need and let everyone feel like their voices were being heard.


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